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April 1st 2017

This website - whilst child friendly may contain content   which requires parental discretion. Parents are requested to view content and judge for themselves.

April 1st 2017

 Hello! The chances are you are visiting StarCast either because you have applied or considering to apply for an intro casting  with William David

This small info site -combined with the main websites is to help you decide or answer questions like "what to bring" etc.


 DavidApril 1st 2017


Although all work is with William David - the work is split into separate sections. 

Act4ward is the drama/performance audiovisual work both for the Halfling Project and Act4ward.

The Halfling Project:-

A not for profit  which campaigns and works within Children & Young persons sectors. This includes literacy, self confidence, general education, social and personal issues and "invisable conditions" - where are child may be struggling with good cause but no outside signs are immediately evident - this can include the impact of bullying, gender issues, autism and special educational needs diagnosed and to be diagnosed.

As part of the brief photography drama and video audio work is often included - and this is the public face of the project. Actors / models are used for illustration including those who take part in StarCast work - the actual core work is confidential and not attributable to an individual within the project work.


This is set as a commercial site but runs Starcast shoots for project illustration and trials of concepts and ideas. No one is charged for an introduction/first meet Starcast casting, although a contribution toward the Halfling project work is always appreciated should you decide you wish to do so.


This is the general name for the complete series of William Davud activity.

WilliamDavid photography:-

Covers just photograhic and video work of william David


Specialist a/v photography work- often by commision - or outside the brief of act4ward.





StarCast                                    where talent is given a chance



Welcome to StarCast - the information place for details of intro castings and information with William David

Craig Bowen

Feb 4, 2017

So glad I got to meet David. He's exactly what I needed to help further my career as an upcoming Actor, very knowledgable, knows the industry, knows what it takes and if you have the talent or not. I've only met him once and a couple of phones calls and already I've learned so much! A great photographer getting those all important headshots for your profiles etc, knows exactly how to get the best picture out of someone. I'm definitely going to meet him again to help me even further, but its also fun which is important. Can't wait to see where I am and how I'm doing in the near future. Definitely recommend.


Kaspar Cahill-ritter

Feb 16, 2017

My son Kaspar, was lucky enough to have a shoot with William David yesterday, and I cannot recommend highly enough. His relaxed, yet enthusiastic demeanor will put any performer at ease. He is very knowledgeable about the industry and gives so much good advice and direction. He's much, much more than just a photographer, although his photography is truly outstanding. My son enjoyed every minute of the experience and the results are fabulous! Thank you for the opportunity.


Daniel Cheung

Nov 3, 2016

I highly recommend working with David. I attended the shoot yesterday with such little experience but David seemed to have brought out a lot of confidence in me due to his very likeable personality and professionalism. He is very approachable and the trust between us was built very quickly considering we didn't even know each other just over 24 hours ago. He genuinely knows what talent is and he's sincerely helpful towards people who want to work in this industry. I am going to continue working with David as we produce some excellent work together.