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Bruce Herberlin Earle had no doubt he wanted to be a professional actor when I first met him and proved he was willing to work hard to achieve it.

The video "My Life" was part of his first photo shoot with The Halfling Project when he was 16.

At 17 he had already started with films, achieved a leading agent and began work on TV production.

He also won Hollywood immersive in June 2016 which took him to Hollywood,courtesy of StarNow.

The third video is one I asked Bruce to make last year - his down to earth attitude to his talent and the business not only reflects  well on him , but if followed is a great chunk of advice to follow if you to want to be a professional actor.

Now with theatre, film and tv under his belt Bruce is proving to be one great talent and still in his teens!




mylife-bw from william david on Vimeo.